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Wake Stone began as a watersports business that has branched out into handling accounts across multiple industries which have all related back to the root of our purpose of to Wake Your Passion. Whether its through providing encouragement and courage through our watersports lessons programs, uniting you with others through boat sales, or even helping your business run our team and partners are dedicated to you our customers success.

Wake Stone Watersports

Our premium experience of wakeboard and wakesurf lesson programs have not only taught many new skills to our customers, but have been a conquering of fear and uniting of teams experience. 


Centurion and Supreme Boats

Through our partnership with Twin Lakes Marine we sell new and used boats to support your passion with the water. 


MG Laser

We sell a wide range of used Mazak CO2 machines capable of your metal cutting needs without the heavy cost of a new fiber optic. Our lasers are guaranteed to run on delivery and we have been a highly recommended Mazak service business since 2001.

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